Painting - Self Portrait 2017

Self Portrait 2017

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions:  50cm x 50cm

Price:  £600

This painting is one of two paintings I produced at this time. It uses a familiar motif of paint applied direct from the tube and then brushed with a brush. For these paintings I sketched on the canvas at the beginning and in this case identified that I wanted some kind of feature element in the right top corner. The painting then developed until I realised the element would be me. I decided to add my hand print as I do on some paintings and after I had done this I had a hand covered in white paint at which point I decided to plant it on my face. Looking in the mirror it seemed too good an opportunity to not take a photograph and so I did. Perfect picture for a profile on the internet I thought and so uploaded it as such. At which point I realised I had the image and could print it out, I did. Image cut out I applied it to the canvas and suddenly the space I left at the beginning made sense. Self Portrait.