I have been painting for more than forty years and so have a large number of paintings to display here. I mostly work in series and you will find these in this paintings section. I will be adding more and more work to this site as time passes.


Despite being primarily an abstract artist I have over the years produced a lot of Life drawings. I consider it to be a different discipline altogether from painting and it presents a wholly different set of challenges.


Many years ago I produced a series of Linocut prints and decided to put these on the website too. I’m hoping I might be able to return to this discipline soon with some new work.

Paul Godden – 6fish

I have been painting for more than forty years and over those years have built up a large body of work. I have almost always painted in an abstract style, indeed, abstract expressionist style to be accurate. That said, you will also find a series of Mandala paintings and the series Chimene also fits this category (I discovered I was painting mandalas after the fact when a friend commented on them).

I don’t paint in order to try and reproduce something from life but rather to express what is inside myself that can’t be expressed by any other method. I have worked hard over the years to develop my own ‘Language’ and I use this to express whats inside me.

You will also find life drawings on this site, I found I had a talent for this and have produced work in this area for most of my life. I use a draw once technique which is to say no changes (generally using pens not pencils). Each drawing either succeeds or fails first time.