“I have been painting for more than forty years and over those years have built up a large body of work. I have almost always painted in an abstract style, indeed, abstract expressionist style to be accurate. I don’t paint in order to try and reproduce something from life but rather to express what is inside myself that can’t be expressed any other way.”

Painting - Graphic


Paintings made during the year 2020 and 2021 whilst there was a worldwide pandemic taking place.

Graphic - Painting close up

Formal Abstract Expressionism

A series of paintings I produced using abstract expressionism at its heart but using a formal abstract structure to contain it.

Close up of painting


A series of paintings born out of love. The series title comes from the film El Cid starring Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren (as Chimene).

Graphic - Painting


After a spell of not painting I decided it was time to pick things back up. Not having a specific idea what I wanted to paint I just started. It wasn’t until a friend pointed it out that I realised I was painting Mandalas.

Graphic - Painting


These paintings aren’t strictly a series but rather a series of paintings that have one thing in common. My use of the hand print.

Brush Strokes painting - Thumb

Brush Strokes

A series of paintings that seek that perfect brush stroke in combination with a perfect overall form.

Painting - Self Portrait

Individual Paintings

Although I mostly work in series occasionally paintings come about outside of a series.