Painting - A Chink of Light

A Chink of Light (Pandemic 5)

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions:  50cm x 50cm

Price:  Sold

I had planned a Pandemic 5 but not yet begun painting it when EXS | Excursions Journal asked for submissions for a painting exhibition. At the very last minute (final day of submission) I spotted it and decided to submit my idea as it met one of their criteria (Virus). I felt I met the criteria because although I don’t paint representationally one of my paintings produced during lockdown (Language) became symbolic of the virus, some how it took on the visual reprentation of the virus accidentally. To my surprise I was selected and commissioned to produce this painting (now a companion piece to Language).

This painting became a variation of the theme created for Language but with one small difference. I introduced a break in the middle of the painting to signify a chink of light breaking through the pandemic. A symbol of the effects of the Vaccine.

Twelve other artists were also selected to produce other paintings on different themes.

Below is a photograph of the two paintings hanging together (along with some others).

Paintings on  wall